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Unipolar Pulsgeneratoren SD 30, SD 151 und SD 301

In combination with an ADL DC-power supply the pulse generators generate unipolar pulses. The pulse generators work with a fixed frequency of 20kHz. Thus, with an external signal generator this frequency can be varied in an area of 1kHz up to 40kHz. The pulse generators are equipped with an automatic arc suppression. The parameters for Triplevel and Pulse off time are automatically adjusted to the specific processes. Programming by the user is not necessary at all. For an automatic synchronization several generators can be connected via control cables. In this case the pulse generators automatically switch to external synchronization

  • Output power 3 kW, 15 kW, 30 kW
  • Parallel operation up to 240 kW
  • Automatic Arc-handling
  • Output floating
  • Automatic sychronization
  • Air cooling
  • Very compact design
  • Flange mounting